When NYC’s Coliseum Books finally went under two years ago, it seemed impossible that so great an indie located adjacent to Bryant Park and the main branch of the New York Public Library on Fifth and 42nd Street, couldn’t stay solvent given how much foot traffic passed by its door each day.  But that is what Amazon and other online retailers have brought us to–readers are just passing by in favor of cheaply produced and all too often, poorly written, e-books that have completely devalued the writing and editing professions. Gone is the joy of book browsing, that exciting moment when you go into a bookstore and see that your favorite author has a new novel out in hardcover.  Gone too is that great frisson of pleasure when you could run your finger over each of the covers on the table displaying recently issued paperbacks, murmuring to yourself–“got it, got it, read it, read it, wow, this looks great, I have to get this one; ick, not another one by her–oh, no, not yet another novel about vampires….” Continue reading “Amazon Destroying American Publishing”