Currently seeking a publisher for Girl Love.  Manuscript finished and available.

Margaret Atwood’s Cat’s Eye meets Melissa Banks’ Girls Guide to Hunting and Fishing in Sandi Sonnenfeld’s novel, Girl Love, which explores the rich complexities of female friendships.  Imaginative, ambitious, ten-year-old Renie Marks seeks that one true friend who will fill the distance she feels from her deaf mother.  But her desperate need for acceptance and love only sets her up to be betrayed by those girls she most admires.  Set in the increasingly turbulent America of the 1970s and 80s, the betrayals grow darker as Renie matures thrusting her and readers into an increasingly morally ambiguous world.  A primer on the nature of female friendships, Girl Love captures the fierce intimacies that women experience every day.

In Progress

VIRAGO: An Historical Novel

StBasilsThe fourth daughter and sixth child of Sovereign Tsar Aleksei Romanov, Autocrat of the Great, Little and White Russias, twenty-four-year-old Sophia Alekseevna is forbidden to study, marry, bear children, even appear in public. Her young half-brother Peter may have been born to greatness, but Sophia must create her own destiny in the most male-dominated society in all of seventeenth-century Europe. Can Sophia overcome the behind-the-scenes maneuverings of her step-mother Natalia’s family—just how far is Sophia willing to go, and what and who must she sacrifice to be proclaimed Tsar?