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Short Story: We Would Have Had Wings

mallards on the move
Public domain image from Credit: Noah Kahn, USFWS

Intellectual Refuge recently published a favorite story of mine, We Would Have Had Wings, after nearly a 10-year search to find it a home.  One reason I like this story is that I experienced a shift in my writing when I wrote this–a move away from internal narrative and man-made structures to ground my characters in the more natural world.  Since then I found myself routinely drawing on nature and animal behavior to help my protagonists better understand the worlds they inhabit.  For someone who grew up in the suburbs and spent my entire adult life in cities, drawing on natural elements has been a refreshing and welcome change.

Chris Schneider, editor of the online zine Intellectual Refuge, continues to be a strong supporter of both my fiction and creative nonfiction.  For this, I thank him most gratefully and encourage people to support the magazine.


Short Story: That American Thing

tin lizzy


The Jewish Literary Journal, the only online zine that publishes all genres of creative writing on Jewish themes and Jewish identities, has just published one of my short stories, “That American Thing,” which is very loosely based on stories my father used to tell me about how my grandparents met when they first immigrated to America.  I was well into my teens before I understood that my father often stretched the truth a bit when it came to our family’s history, so perhaps it’s not all that surprising that I grew up to be a teller of story.  You can read the story in its entirety here.

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